Welcome to Caledonian Computers

Caledonian Computers is a small business based in Onich, near Ballachulish, in the Scottish highlands. We provide a number of different but related services:


Computer Repair and Support

For computer support repair and maintenance we make home and on-site visits anywhere that is in striking distance of  Onich, around about a 30 mile radius, taking in Fort William, Glencoe, Kinlochleven, Ballachulish, Coul, Corpach, Spean Bridge, etc. – call to ask if you are in doubt about distance.

For repairs that require more time we take machines to our workshop in Onich, and can provide clients with a temporary replacement machine if required.

If you are having computer problems – laptops or desktops – or want to install Windows 10, or want some general maintenance on your machine, or have any other requirement, then let us know.


Website Design

We also offer a full website design, planning, writing and publishing service through our sister business Caledonian Websites, so if you are looking to start a website or a blog, or if your existing website is aged or tired and in need of an update, please visit.


Website and Domain Hosting

Websites and blogs etc all need a home and through Caledonian Websites we can take care of all your hosting needs. We provide  domain names, a fast and secure home for your website, and professional e-mail that uses it to best effect using own name – no more @btinternet.com or @gmail.com, etc. Please visit to find out more.


Satellite Broadband Internet

In the western highlands broadband internet speeds are sometimes very poor and service is often patchy. Many people do not know that affordable and reliable satellite broadband is now available. It’s more or less 100% guaranteed, as it depends on ‘line of sight’ to a satellite (can you see the sky?!) rather than proximity to a copper or fibre cable, or an antenna or mast. This is an exciting new development for Caledonian Computers – contact [email protected] for more details or visit the link page.


Below you can find links to information about some of the services we offer – get in touch if we can be of help, or if you have an issue not mentioned here.