Data Recovery

Sometimes the worst happens and our computer crashes and cannot be started again. Most computer professionals will advise one thing above all else - take and keep a backup. And backup regularly. Ideally, do so daily or weekly, but at least backup your computer on a monthly basis.

If the worst does happen, let us take a look at your hard drive to see what can be recovered. Often the whole drive can be saved, sometimes only certain files. But we can diagnose and assess the level of drive failure and recover what can be recovered.

Of its nature this work cannot come with a guarantee of success - but it comes with a guarantee of doing our best to save your precious files, photographs, music, etc!



Computers slow down over time - this can be due to a number of reasons, such as large files, programmes that load on start-up, deleted files that leave traces behind, disks that get fragmented, etc.

If you find your computer is running slowly we can take a look at it to determine the reason, and can advise on what needs to be done.


Battery Replacement

Laptops and notebooks are great for working on the move, but they depend on batteries to work efficiently. Over time batteries drain down and there will come a time when it needs to be replaced.

At Caledonian Computers we can source, order and install batteries for most laptops. Where possible we will do so with original batteries ordered directly from manufacturers. If this isn't possible (it may be out of production and out of stock) then we will advise on options for using batteries produced by other manufacturers.


Laptop Repair

We repair all types of laptops except those from Apple. If you are having any difficulties with yours (keyboard issues, flickering screens, running slowly, USB ports not working, etc) then get in touch to ask us to diagnose what issues you are having, and to then carry to the necessary repairs.

If this requires purchase of spare parts we will tell you exactly what is required and what the parts will cost. We will order and install them upon instruction from you.

If your laptop cannot be repaired, of if the repair is going to be very expensive, we will advise accordingly, and can then assist with backing up and migrating your data to a new computer


Screen Replacement

If your laptop screen starts to behave oddly it's very important to have it looked at. Odd behaviour can include colours looking washed out, lines through the screen, edges or corners looking like they have water inside them, etc.

Bring your laptop to us and we'll let you know if it can be repaired, or if it requires a replacement. Sorry to say not many screen issues can be easily repaired because of the nature of how screens are built, so often the only answer is a replacement screen.

We can advise on this and can order the necessary replacement for you, then install it and test it is fully functioning.


Virus Protection

Virus removal and protection

Getting a computer virus is a heart-sinking experience and if you suspect you have one get it checked out immediately. Viruses - as the name suggests - spread quickly and can soon infect a whole machine, or even worse a whole computer network.

We can do virus repair and removal and advise on installing the best anti-virus and malware software.



Keyboard Repair

Laptops are great when they work, but can be very frustrating when they go wrong. One part of a laptop that fails before others is the keyboard, due to how much daily use it gets. The heavy handed among us can find this problem occurring more usually than others!

Laptop keyboards can often be repaired, but more usually they require to be replaced, or at least some parts do (if keys have come off, for instance).

At Caledonian Computers we can source and order the correct replacement keyboard for your laptop and can install and test it for you


Software Installation

Software is at the heart of what we do with our computers, and everything we do requires software. If we write documents, keep spreadsheets, edit photographs, listen to music or anything else it is software that allows us to do so.

If you're anxious about installing software, or backing up files from an older version before installing an update, then let us do it for you.

If you are unsure about the best software to use for your particular needs then we are happy to advise on options that are available.


Computer Repair

Computers are usually pretty robust and can last many years without needing  attention. But like any other piece of equipment there may come a time when it goes wrong, behaves in an unusual way, or just stops altogether.

We can diagnose any machine to determine what issues have developed and can attempt to repair the machine. If it is beyond repair we can often still recover the data.

Don't throw away a good computer because something has gone wrong - let us try to repair it first!

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