Pricing for computer support, repairs and maintenance

Pricing for a computer repair depends on what requires to be done, which is why I will always do an assessment before I give a quote.

If a call-out takes me beyond 10 miles from my home I may require a call-out charge, and will advise on that at the time of our first contact.

Which? Magazine provide a useful guide to pricing for computer repair and can be found here. Repairs carried out on site at your home or office may be more expensive than repairs done in my workshop, simply because it is often the case that updates and installations can take a lot of time. If I am in my workshop I can be doing other things while updates download and install, but if I am in a clients office or home I can do nothing else with my time so have to charge for the whole period.

Pricing for website design

Pricing for designing and writing a website depends on the size and complexity of the website required. Caledonian Computers specialise in designing simple websites that the owners can edit and manage themselves if they wish to. More complex sites are possible, of course, but they require regular maintenance and updating and an additional monthly charge would be added for this.

For a simple ‘business card’ type of site, one or two pages, we charge up to £150, The more usual type of website (like this one for Caledonian Computers!) has between five and eight pages, and for a website up to eight pages we charge around £300. For sites with more pages we would discuss this with you and agree a price beforehand.

For an e-commerce site, (a site where you include the possibility of selling online) our prices begin at £500, depending on the complexity of the site and how many items are being sold.

In addition to the cost of building the website you will require a Domain Name (the name of the site, which follows the www in a web address) and you will also require website hosting (this is on an internet server, somewhere for the site to be found on the internet). These vary but to have a domain name  costs around £12 per year. To have a .com domain is £15 per year. Then to host that site on a server would cost around an additional £75 per year.

Fortunately, Caledonian Websites, our partner site, provides all of these services in one place, and it’s very easy to get started. You are guided through every stage of the process to make it trouble free.

To summarise, then, a website of around 8 pages designed and written by Caledonian Web Design would cost £300, with the domain name and hosting costing around an additional £85 per year.

Domain names include free e-mail as well, so you have a fully professional look to your business or group.

To enquire about website design get in touch for a no-obligation meeting or conversation to discuss your requirements.

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