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Many people and most organisations have a website or a blog these days. But if you are a small business that does NOT have a website you are definitely losing out. Our sister agency Caledonian Websites can get you up and running quickly.

A website doesn’t need to be complicated – it SHOULDN’T be complicated – and when they design and build sites they do so keeping in constant touch with the owner of the site and always keeping the needs of your business etc very firmly in mind.

All details of the site are in your hands as the owner, which means the website name is registered with you, the log-in for edits and updates is in your name, and they ensure all websites written by Caledonian Web Design are easy for you or someone else in your organisation to update and edit.

All sites are secure, using the HTTPS security protocol, known as SSL, a security standard that is now being insisted on by Google. This is provided at no extra cost, though many others will make an annual charge for providing a secure site.

All  sites are also mobile and tablet friendly, which means they automatically adjust to be suitable for reading on a mobile phone, a tablet, or a PC, whichever is being used.

Why Do You Need A Website?


A website introduces you to your customers, or those who are interested in you, your business, or your group. A website doesn’t have opening hours – it’s available around the clock and it’s your opportunity to show what you do, what you offer, what makes you different, and why you want them to know.


Websites today are central in business and public life. If you sell something, or if you are a charity, a club or society, then the first place people go to find out about you or to look for you is the internet. If you’re nowhere to be found then you are missing out on customers, members, supporters etc.

What Kind of Website Do You Need?


If you sell something, either goods or services, you may want your website to deal with booking appointments, the purchase of items, and so on. Websites that provide the ability to pay for something are known as ‘E-Commerce’ sites.


Your website may primarily be to let people know about what you do or offer. It’s a place where you give information, so it’s important the information you give is current and accurate, and also easy to find. On a good website finding important information is straightforward.

What Can Caledonian Web Design Offer You?


We will chat with you in person or on a video call to ask about what you need from your website, and who you hope to reach. We’ll learn from you what content you require and will advise on the best website in light of what you tell us. We’ll give you a price based on the number of pages to be developed and the technical elements your site needs to have included (for example, if you require e-commerce, an online booking system, the ability for users to download documents or files, etc).


All sites designed and hosted by us are secured with SSL (that means it begins with https:// and the top bar shows a secure padlock). We prefer to design sites with WordPress, but are happy to offer clients the option to use Weebly or other systems. Everything is hosted on fast SSD drives,  we take daily backups of all data and use cloud web servers that are among the fastest in the market today. All sites are SEO friendly, (search engine optimised) so can be found and ranked by Google, Bing, etc.


Once we work out the structure with you (number and titles of pages, etc) we will ask you for the text and suitable photographs to use on the site, but we can also provide the text and images ourselves for an extra charge. Before a site goes live on the internet we’ll keep it in a private area where you can access it to comment on progress, edits, etc, but which will not be publicly available. When you are happy with the site, we’ll agree a date for it to ‘go live’.


When your website is completed you have two options: many clients prefer to take full control of it themselves, taking responsibility for updating the content etc. If you intend to make regular updates this is recommended, as it puts you in complete control of when updates happen. If you prefer, we can do the updates for you for an additional charge. If you choose to do updates yourself we provide access to your private control panel (know as cPanel) which gives you full control of your data, images, files, etc.

Next Steps


If Caledonian Websites is offering what you are looking for the next step is for you to get in touch to discuss your needs. We’re happy to talk on the phone, meet in person, or have ‘skype’ or other video chat. The conversation is free! No obligations on your (or our) part and we’ll advise on what we think might be possible. If you require a more complex site than we specialise in we’ll point you in the right direction for the assistance you require. If we think it’s something we can provide then we’ll let you know a work plan, time frame and cost. We look forward to working with you.

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